Building the Future of Appliance Repair With Nana Home

The Nana Technologies team during a team building session.

In 2013, David Zamir took a trip from Israel to Toronto that would change his life forever. For five days, David shadowed his friend, an appliance technician, and learned just how lucrative and rewarding the appliance repair industry is. 7 years later, David is now the founder and CEO of Nana Technologies, an appliance repair software company building the future of appliance repair..


T.K. Cousins, an experienced technician and owner of The Appliance Guy, sat down to interview David about his days before appliance repair, what inspired him to join the industry, and how he evolved his bootstrapped San Francisco appliance repair company to a $4M in revenue operation in just two and a half years.

Nana Home empowers technicians with AI-powered software and the support they need to receive jobs, build and manage their schedules, and complete their appliance repairs with a high-level of quality. For more information and exclusive access to the Nana Technician Software apply at Or, become a student technician and kick start your career in appliance repair with free online classes at