Living Our Core Value: Community

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Community, along with giving back, has always been a core value here at Nana. Not only do we want to empower those we work with on a daily basis, but we also want to show our appreciation to our local communities. In determining how to do so, we decided there was no better time than now to find a local community partner in Oakland that embodies our core values and represents our mission. We are incredibly proud to announce that we have made the Marcus Foster Educational Institute our charitable partner!


The Marcus Foster Educational Institute has been committed to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students since its creation in 1973. In recent years, the Marcus Foster Educational Institute has partnered with school districts, nonprofits and corporations throughout the Bay Area with the aim of collectively developing and implementing strategies that create equitable educational systems. Their core mission is to advance systematic change and create education equality for all, much like our mission here at Nana. Their scholarship program, along with their leadership training, provides students with the necessary tools and support to succeed within their communities. On February 2, 2021, we made a charitable donation on behalf of each Nana employee. We can only imagine the impact this initiative will have as we continue to scale.


We urge you to learn more about the Marcus Foster Educational Institute. Please view their website here to see the incredible impact they are having on the Oakland community.

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