Nana Nabs $6m for an Online Academy and Marketplace Dedicated to Appliance Repair

Full article published on TechCrunch (11/12/20) by Ingrid Lunden.

Nana, which runs a free academy to teach people how to fix appliances, and then gives students the option of becoming a part of its own marketplace to connect them to people needing repairs — has picked up $6 million.


Automation and the pandemic have quickly increased fears over unemployment and the “skills gap.” According to research from the Brookings Institution, over 30M U.S. workers will lose their jobs because of automation and AI. Nana Technologies is building a future where people can easily equip themselves with the high-demand skills, like appliance repair, and get back to work. According to founder and CEO, David Zamir, “between 40% and 60% of those taking courses stay on to work when they took in-person classes, and for now the online figures are between 15% and 35%.”

Anyone can sign up for Nana Academy and begin learning the basics of appliance repair online. Students who complete the basics course and a course on a specific type of appliance (washers, refrigerators, or ovens) are invited to apply for in-person mentorship where they gain the confidence and hands-on skills to start taking jobs on their own.


The future of work will require companies to support new and aging workers with innovative technology and the educational opportunities needed to thrive. By building a learning platform with a direct pipeline to work, Nana Academy is meeting supply with demand while helping create new employment opportunities around the nation.

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