The Equipped Guild Podcast: Re-engineering Appliance Repair

The Equipped Guild: Reengineering Appliance Repair

“Over the last 20 years I have done a lot of work and a lot of research…You want to set yourself apart from the other local technicians. If you can do board repair, then you’re going to get referrals – you’re going to get a lot of people singing your praises because they like what you’re doing.” – Mike Carlson


On this episode of the Equipped Guild podcast, David Zamir sits down with Mike Carlson to learn how Mike developed a highly-engaged community technicians and discuss expert technical advice including control board repairs and resources to further your learning.


Mike is the founder and owner of Quality Appliance Repair Services. He is also the admin of Re-engineers, a Facebook group with over 1.6K engaged followers. The group is appliance tech-driven” and its purpose is to create a community of skilled technicians “to collaborate on ways to repair appliances that are outside the mainstream.” Mike is known specifically for his teachings on control boards and working with experienced technicians.

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