The Equipped Guild Podcast: How I Learned, How I Learn

Luis Godinez, Nana Academy Lead Instructor

“I learn something new every day – whether it’s a technician calling me out in the field, reading from a news board, or participating in group discussions. The opportunity for consistent learning is amazing. The appliance repair business is changing every day. It’s an industry where you will keep learning forever no matter what.” – Luis Godinez 


On the second episode of Nana Home’s podcast, The Equipped Guild, David Zamir sits down with Nana’s own Luis Godinez to talk about how he got into appliance repair and Luis’s focus on the importance of education. 


Luis is the backbone of Nana and the Nana Academy. Luis’ role has changed throughout his time at Nana. Learn about how Luis went from a career in construction to appliance repair. Luis then took a risk and moved from a large appliance corporation to Nana. He started working fewer hours, making more money and was able to spend more time with his family. 


Luis values education immensely. He appreciated the mentors that taught him and find it extremely rewarding to be able to pay it forward and teach more technicians. Luis is now the head instructor at Nana Academy. 

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