Things to Consider When Choosing an Appliance Repair School

Starting a career in a trade job like appliance repair is excellent for those who love to work with their hands, have flexible schedules, and work at their own pace. Appliance technicians can control the amount of work they take on every day, which makes it a flexible source of additional income. According to ZipRecruiter, appliance service technicians in the U.S. can make anywhere from $44K – $69K per year. With over 700 million appliances in the US, an average of 10% break down every year, meaning there are opportunities for 70 million repairs annually, a number which is only going up.


Whether you are just starting out or updating your knowledge in appliance repair, finding the right appliance training school is necessary for getting that appliance repair job. Here are some useful tips to consider in choosing the right appliance repair school for you:


Know the Appliance and Manufacturer Training You Want

The basics of appliance repair are universal, but most appliance technicians get started with one manufacturer or appliance type. This means it is important for student technicians to research what appliance types and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) schools cover to ensure you’re getting the training you want.


Gaining Experience Is Key, but Finding a Mentor Is Invaluable

A renowned psychologist, Jordan Peterson once said, “If you are not willing to be a fool you can’t be a master.” Having the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced technician is one of the best ways to learn things you can never find in books. Most appliance repair schools will only give you the basics of how appliances work but having experienced mentors can provide insights they have gained in their practice such as their knowledge of specific OEMs. However, it is not always easy to find someone willing to spend the time and effort to mentor anyone who wishes to learn. Training schools like Nana Academy, offer professional, in-person mentorship invaluable to building your confidence and career.



Consider Training As An Opportunity To Build Your Network

Whether you want to start your own appliance repair business or are planning to work as an in-house technician, building your network is crucial in sustaining your career. Choosing an appliance repair training program with a strong community will enable you to meet other technicians, potential clients, and even future employers.


Training Should Not Be A Big Financial Investment

Appliance repair training can seem like a large investment, but you do not have to spend all of your savings to get started. You don’t even need to leave the comforts of your home to get your training. There are a lot of online resources that are easily accessible but they can be unstructured and outdated, which is why student technicians should look for learning resources that are up-to-date and provide guided learning. Enrolling in an online appliance repair school can provide a convenient way of accessing all the information you need and help you save time looking for relevant training.

Many online appliance repair schools, like Penn Foster and Master Samurai Tech, offer paid online courses and provide accessible resource materials. On the other hand, Nana Academy offers free online introductory classes to get you started. Learning the basics, such as the necessary tools for appliance repair and reading electrical diagrams are just some of the courses Nana Academy offers for free. This is a great option for people who want to learn the basics without breaking the bank.


Nana Technologies, an appliance repair platform, launched Nana Academy. Their mission is to help up-skill the 10 million people in the U.S. who may lose their jobs due to automation. Nana Academy is free, online, and self-paced. Graduates can move onto their in-person mentorship, with graduates eligible to take paid jobs via the Nana Technician App.