Nana Academy Launches First Government-Subsidized Program


At Nana Academy, our goal is to train the next generation of trades people and connect them with meaningful economic opportunities. We do this by combining online learning, hands-on training, and access to thousands of jobs on the Nana Home platform.


In July 2021, Nana Academy launched our very first government-subsidized partnership cohort. This partnership pairs the Academy’s expertise in providing appliance repair training with a new partner’s expertise in delivering English as a Second Language services. The result? A program that will provide in-demand job training to thirty people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our first cohort of fifteen students was launched in early September. For several weeks, students learned key appliance repair concepts and technical terms in both Cantonese and English. Once prepared, the students enrolled in Nana’s hybrid training program, which included online classes and classroom-based hands-on instruction. Students were taught simultaneously by an instructor from Nana Academy and a translator, who worked together to ensure all students gained the skills to earn money fixing laundry appliances.


After finishing the hands-on classroom portion each student was paired with a mentor who helped them build real-world experience by completing real jobs throughout the Bay Area. Of the fifteen enrolled, twelve students have successfully completed all course requirements and are now eligible to use the Nana Home platform to complete laundry jobs in the area, earning an average of $90 per repair.

In the past few weeks, Nana Academy has played a massive role in the new journey of this cohort by living our core vision, being their Nana. Holding their hand, believing in them, showing them the nuts and bolts of the trades, following the education phase, supporting them through the community, and providing meaningful economic opportunities in the trades. We are excited to continue serving the community through this partnership and unlocking economic opportunities in the in-demand appliance repair industry.


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