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Why Partner With Us
The Nana Technologies team during a team building session.

There are over 800 million appliances in the US, but not enough people who know how to fix them.

Nana Academy can train new appliance technicians and connect them to economic opportunities on the Nana Home platform.


We partner with local governments and community organizations focused on workforce reskilling, unemployment reduction, and economic development.

How Does It Work?

Subsidize a Boot Camp

Subsidize a Nana Academy Boot Camp for members of your community.

We'll Provide Training

We’ll provide instructor-led training, in-person mentorship, and everything they need to get started working in appliance repair.

Start Working

Nana Academy graduates can earn money completing repair jobs on the Nana Home platform.

Instructor-Led Training

Accelerate Your Training With a Nana Academy Boot Camp

Purchase a seat for one of our upcoming Boot Camps and join other student technicians for a 4 – 5 week intentsive designed to prepare you for one appliance division like laundry, refrigeration, or cooking. 


Each Boot Camp includes everything you need to start earning money as an appliance repair technician on the Nana Home platform.

Each Boot Camp Includes:

  • Instructor-Led Online Classes
  • Weekly Group Office Hours
  • In-Person Mentorship
  • Access to Paying Jobs on the Nana Home Platform
  • Basic Set of Technician Tools
  • One Year of General Libaility Insurance
  • All Background Checks Required for Work

Boot Camp Pricing:

Laundry Appliance Boot Camp
Refrigerator Boot Camp
Cooking Appliance Boot Camp
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