Technician Spotlight: Meet Justin Nunn

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Meet Justin Nunn, one of the top technicians working on the Nana Home platform. Each month, Justin completes a record number of repairs (over 180 in November alone!) and has quickly become one of the main drivers of Samsung ice maker repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s what some of his customers have said:


  • “Justin came prepared to do the job fast and did just that! I appreciate his work!”

  • “Justin was an excellent technician. The fact that Samsung stuck behind their product – it meant a lot.”

  • “The technician Justin was fantastic. Knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.”

The Nana Team had the opportunity to chat with Justin to learn what he enjoys about working on the Nana Home platform, his advice for technicians who want to become more successful with Samsung jobs and his tips for new techs joining the industry.


Nana: How has your experience been with the platform? What are your favorite parts?


Justin: “The ability to be my own boss. For the most part, I don’t answer to anybody…I don’t have a manager looking over me saying ok you need to do this and this and this….I like the freedom to do pretty much what I want when I want……I like to be able to control my own success.”


Nana: What has helped you be successful with Samsung jobs on the platform?




  • I’ve come to find out that you need to allow enough time for errors to pop up or when an ice maker will take too long. “Some jobs just take a lot longer. I need to be prepared for that…The first thing I always do when a Samsung job comes in, I look at where it is and what time they’re requesting…and then I look at my schedule.”

  • One of the things that really evolved was understanding kind of like what the job entails. “A lot of technicians really get in the habit of as soon as [jobs] come in claim, it doesn’t matter what it is just claim it. I found that if you’re doing that…you’re not really doing yourself any favors. Being able to understand that okay, well this part, this job is going to do this…how’s that gonna affect my time? Make sure when you’re claiming jobs, you are capable and able to do that job…Like if a Viking oven comes in. I don’t know nothing about Viking…But if a Samsung oven comes in, that’s far more likely for me to complete the first time than a Viking.”

  • Make sure that if you go into a job, you go in as an expert. Be confident in what you say. Don’t say ‘I guess’ or ‘maybe.’… I try to kind of re-instill that confidence that I’m here to fix it.”

  • Provide great customer service. “…a lot of the techs that I see in the markets, it’s kind of like get in, get out, make my money, don’t talk to me….I think that’s a huge missing point for technicians in general… I talk to customers and I break [the repair] down in terms they understand because I get it….They don’t deal with appliances every day. They don’t know that there’s a heating element in there…it is my job to educate them on why these things are being repaired and give them the one in a million experience that they’re happy to tell their friends about.”


Nana: How do you make sure you are always giving a “one in a million” experience?


Justin: “You may have a really [bad] experience at one job before. Take some time in your van, truck…reset yourself and go into that customer’s home with a good mindset. I get it, you may be running behind…but, that’s not that customer’s fault.”


Nana: Completing repairs during the first visit is one way to earn more faster. How do you make sure you are completing Samsung ice maker repairs during your first visit?



  • Reach out to your customer before your visit to confirm symptoms and that repair parts have been delivered. “First questions I always ask are, what’s wrong with the unit and is there anything else wrong with the unit besides the icemaker?”

  • Learn everything you can about common failures, common issues. Especially if it’s just Samsung [appliances], learn everything you can about it, you know, inverter, board failures, PCBs.”

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. “If you don’t know something…reach out to other techs in your network before you get to a point where the customer is already [angry]. I’ve never had someone get mad at me because I called and asked a question. I’ve had people get mad at me because I call them and ask questions afterwards, when it’s too late.”

Nana: What would you tell somebody who is thinking about getting into appliance repair?


Justin: “For any new technician that is thinking about joining, the one thing I’ll tell them is, if you think you can do it, do it. The worst that happens is you find out appliance repair isn’t for you. Okay, that’s fine. But don’t be afraid to try something. If I never would have taken a 1099 role. When I quit my W2 job—That was like the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Like, no one’s signing my paychecks, I’m signing my paychecks—But now I have the ability to work as long as I want or as short as I want. I get more time with my family. You can’t put a price on that.”


Nana: Thank you so much for your time Justin, we really appreciate it. We hope to chat again soon.


Justin: Thanks!


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